Kostis Georgiou
Kostis Georgiou (b. 1956 in Thessaloniki, Greece), currently lives and works in Athens.. Originally he studied stage scenery in Florence (1981-1982). Subsequently he studied painting and sculpture at the Athens School of Fine Arts (1982-1986) under Dimitris Mytaras and Dimosthenis Kokkinides. He furthered his studies at the Royal College of Arts in London (1985-1986) under Peter de Francia. He worked as stage designer for the National Theatre and the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation - ERT (1982-1988). He also taught painting and stage design at the Hellenic Cinema & Television School Stavrakos in Athens (1988-1991). He has been awarded with the First Prize of the ΧΧ International Premio di Sulmona and with special prizes at the Osaka Triennale 93 and the Young European Artists in Brussels (1990 and 1992).
Kostis Georgiou presented the following personal exhibitions: Goethe Institute, Thessaloniki, Greece (1974); Edessa Cultural Contemporary Art Centre (1975); Kyklos Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece (1978, 1979); Cultural Centre of Thessaloniki (1980); Nefeli Gallery, Athens, Greece (1981); Ora Cultural Center, Athens, Greece (1984); Astir Palace Gallery, Rhodes Greece (1984); Zygos Gallery, Athens, Greece (1986); Eirmos Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece (1986, 1993, 1998, 2003); Titanium Art Gallery, Athens, Greece (1990, 1993, 1998, 1999, 2002); Gallery K, London, England (1991, 1993, 2000); Sadler Wells Theatre London, England (1991); LineArt International Art Fair, Art Point Gallery, Ghent, Belgium (1991, 2000); International Art Fair Tokyo Art Expo, Tokyo, Japan (1992); Ciel Gallery, Tokyo, Japan (1992); Catrin Alting Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium (1992); Uno, Palais de Congress, Geneva, Swiss (1993); Catherine Niederhauser Gallery, Lausanne, Switzerland (1993, 2004); International Festival of Todi, Palazzo Pongelini, Italy (1994); Kostis Georgiou: Rhapsody of the Present, Titanium Art Gallery Athens, Arte Contemporaneo - ArCo, Madrid (1996); Arte Contemporaneo - ArCo, Madrid, Spain (1997); Olga Geogandea Gallery, Athens, Greece (1997); Feria Internacional de Arte Contemporaneo de Andalusia, Malaga, Spain (1998); Feria Internacional de Arte Contemporaneo de Baleares, Spain (1998); Kostis Georgiou: Art Collectors, Barbara Von Stechow Gallery, Frankfurt am Mein, Germany (1998); Cartel Galleries, Granada, Spain (1998, 2001, 2002); International Art Fair LineArt, Blue Point Gallery, Ghent, Belgium (1998); Cartel Galleries Malaga, Spain (1998); Arte+Sur, Feria International de Arte Contemporaneo, Spain (1999); Morfi Gallery, Limassol Cyprus (1999, 2001); Agathi Gallery, Athens, Greece (1999); Art Athina #7, Eirmos Gallery, Athens (1999); Kostis Georgiou: Semper Idem, Covalenco Gallery, Holland (2000); International Art Fair LineArt, Art Point Gallery, Ghent, Belgium (2000); Art Athina #9, Athens (2001); Kostis Georgiou: The Neverending Praise of Shapes and Color, Niederhauser Gallery, Lausanne, Switzerland (1993, 2001); Kostis Georgiou: Ex Patria, Kouros Gallery New York, USA (2001); Kostis Georgioy: Diaspora, Covalenco Gallery, The Netherlands (2002, 2004); Pnykart Foundation, Piraeus, Greece (2003); Covalenco Gallery, The Netherlands (2004); Museum of Modern Art of Skopje (2005); Kostis Georgiou: Tempus Ordinis, C.K. Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus (2005); Alla Rogers Gallery, Washington DC, USA (2005); Kapopoulos Fine Arts, Athens (2007); and Art Point Gallery International, Belgium (2007); Titanium Gallery, Athens (2008); Ck Art Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus (2008);   Morfi Gallery, Limasol, Cyprus (2009);   "Dimitria 2010"-"Traces", Casa Bianca, Thessaloniki (2010); Valerie Bach Gallery, Brussels, Belgium (2010); "M" Gallery-Vienna-Austria (2011),; "Feizi" Gallery, Shanghai, China (2011); "Suzhou Museum", Suzhou, China (2012); "Shaanxi Art Museum", Xian, China (2012).