Panikos Tempriotis
(b. 1963) lives and works in Nicosia. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Rome, Italy (1985 – 87), at the Academy of Fine Arts of Perugia(1987-89) and at the Beijing Culture University, China (1993-94). He worked at the Ministry of Education and Culture as a production designer and director for the production of educational films (2001-2008). He is the co-founder of the “STOA AESCHYLOU” Cultural Association (2007). His most recent solo show under the title Tribus Hyba was exhibited at Stoa Aescylou, Nicosia, 2010. He has participated in numerous group exhibitions, of which the most recent include: Change of Air, Dusseldorf, Germany (2009), Installation-Performance: My wife threw me out.., Municipal Festival Aglantzia (2009), Where do we go from here?, NIMAC, Nicosia (2009), Rolling frame, Stoa Aeschylou (2008), Space walk 1 (artist initiative), Stoa Aeschylou, 2007, Space walk 2, Municipal Art Centre, Larnaka (2007), Accidental Meetings, NIMAC, Nicosia (2007), The Crossroads Project, Municipal Gallery, Larnaka (2005), Noise Crossings Art Symposium, Noise of Coincidence, Nicosia (2003).